A message from our principal

Happy Holidays!

This holiday season is like no other we have ever experienced. As the world swirls around us Habit One-Be Proactive and the highly effective practice of Carrying Your Own Weather is more important than ever.

We can not control the worldwide pandemic or the behavior of others, but we can control our attitude and our reactions.

One way to improve our attitude is through gratitude. Researchers have found that it is impossible to feel stressed and blessed at the same time.

Bestselling author and leadership guru, Jon Gordon has shared some things that we can do to increase our gratitude.

  1. Take a thank-you walk. As you take a walk (and it can be short) think of all the things big and small that you are thankful for. You can do this individually or with your family.
  2. Share some thing that you are grateful for at the dinner table with your family. Each family member can share something they are grateful for that day.
  3. Thank you text or call. You can give someone a call or write a text and thank them for something they have done for you or others.

There are many other ways to increase gratitude in Jon's books and on his website.

I am thankful to be the principal of such an amazing school in such a great community.

Please remember that change starts with me. Each of us has the power to improve our practices and the world!


    Dr. Cagle

    Dr. Michael Cagle
    Country Place Elementary School Principal

    Weekly Leadership Message

    This final week brings us to Habit 8—yes, I said Habit 8. While we are familiar with the 7 Habits, there is actually an eighth habit, as well: Find Your Voice and Help Others Find Their Voice. This is all about finding that sweet spot between your talents, your passions, your conscience, and needs of those around us. 

    When you find that spot, you start sharing it with the world and making a difference, a difference that is contagious. Others want what you have, and then you help others find their voice. Hopefully during this pandemic, you have realized some of your talents and passions. We’ve also become aware of the needs of those around us. Use this time in the summer to sharpen those talents and passions. 

    The Leader in Me link includes two videos and a Venn diagram to help you find your voice. Imagine when our children know these four areas so well that they seek out opportunities and careers where they can live out their purpose.

    We also encourage you to check out the bingo card for your family to use over the summer. Can you get a bingo? What about a blackout? Have fun and have a wonderful summer!

    Math game of the week

    1-2 NIM

    Hello all and welcome to our first installment of the math game of the week. This week, we are going to introduce (or reintroduce, if you know this one) your family to 1-2 NIM. Sophia from Mrs. Ruiz’s class selected this game. We have played NIM with students as young as our kindergarteners!

    NIM is a 2-player game. Start with a pile of 10 objects. (They can be anything! Pens or pencils are great, but we play with rocks on the playground!) On your turn, remove one or two counters from the pile. You must take at least one counter on your turn, but you may not take more than two. Whoever takes the last counter wins. 

    Thoughts to ponder and investigate:
    Can you figure out a strategy that allows you to win every time?
    Does it matter who goes first? How does it affect your strategy?
    Can you make a different version of NIM? One of our fourth graders created 3-5 NIM. Does this change your winning strategy? Why or why not?

    Please share your strategies, pictures, and videos of you playing with your homeroom teachers! We will see if anyone can beat the NIM Master, Dr. Cagle, when you return! 

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