A Message from Our Principal

Happy Spring!

This month’s 7 Habits focus is habit 1: Be proactive. One of the highly effective practices that students are learning more about is “focusing on your circle of influence.” Your life has two circles - the circle of influence and the circle of concern. Your circle of concern is full of things that you cannot directly control, like traffic and the weather. Your circle of influence includes things that you can directly control, such as your attitude and actions. When leaders focus on their circle of influence, it grows larger and they have more influence on the world around them. We are working with students to help them focus on their circle of influence in order to increase their effectiveness and happiness. We are very excited to see how our students apply this concept! There are many students in the beginning stages of planning leadership projects that could make a significant impact on our community. Stay tuned! Please talk to your students about their circle of influence.

Every student has genius. Students are working hard in many areas of learning! Please ask your students what they’re learning about and ask them to explain it to you. If a student knows a concept well enough to teach it to someone else, they are golden! Encourage them to notice interesting things. As they continue to learn and walk around, help them notice what is going on around them. Please encourage them to ask questions and wonder about those things! Some of Albert Einstein’s greatest ideas were inspired by a thought experiment… what if he could ride his bike into space on a beam of light?

Your partner in learning and leading,

Dr. Cagle

Dr. Michael Cagle
Country Place Elementary School Principal